INDIANAPOLIS – Several banking institutions and credit unions are experiencing a widespread ATM outage.

It’s making it difficult for customers to get cash without visiting a branch in person.

Multiple banks and credit unions are affected, including Centra Credit Union, Everwise Credit Union, First Farmers Bank & Trust, FORUM Credit Union, Indiana Members Credit Union, Lake City Bank, Security Federal Savings Bank and STAR Financial, among others.

According to various statements from the financial institutions, the problem involves unexpected issues surrounding an “external vendor.”

In a message to customers, First Farmers Bank & Trust described this as a “regional” outage and said ATMs need to be updated before service is restored. Indiana Members Credit Union indicated the problem affected “financial institutions throughout Indiana and the surrounding states.”

Lake City Bank urged customers to use other ATMs and pledged to return any fees incurred. Most of the financial institutions encouraged customers to visit branches in person. Some have lists of available working ATMs.

Most of the financial institutions have posted updates about the ATM issues on their websites: