RICHMOND, Ind. — The Richmond Police Department said Officer Seara Burton’s condition has not changed after she was taken off life support on Thursday.

The 28-year-old officer and four-year veteran of the force was shot during a traffic stop on August 10 and has been fighting for her life in a Dayton hospital ever since.

After she was taken off life support, Burton started breathing on her own despite her injuries being described as “unrecoverable.” However, Richmond Mayor Dave Snow said Officer Burton’s passing was “imminent.”

Burton’s police cruiser has been parked in front of the police department’s headquarters. For most of the day Friday, members of the community stopped by to lay flowers at the memorial and pay their respects.

Photo by Max Lewis

One of those people was Paul Phillips, who served as Burton’s supervisor at the police department for a brief time.

“She’s one of us,” Phillip said as he got choked up. “I just wanted to honor her a little bit.”

Phillips, who now serves at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department, said the law enforcement community knows the risks that come with the job. However, it doesn’t make the situation any easier.

“Law enforcement is a family and always has been and always will be,” Phillips said. “So when something like this happens to a member of your family, it hurts.”

The memorial also brought out people who never met Officer Burton.

“It’s sadness, it’s somber,” Kasey Hines said. “It’s everything.”

Hines dropped by the memorial and said she was blown away by the outpouring of support she found. “

“Just seeing the community stay together and fight for her through this,” Hines said. “It has kind of made me proud to be in Richmond at this time.”

Now, the Richmond Community is in a holding pattern as they wait for news on Officer Burton’s status. So many expressed amazement at her strength in the streets and now in her hospital bed.

“We’re praying. I think Seara told Him yesterday it wasn’t her day,” Nanette Phillips said. “She’s got better days to come.”

Mayor Snow asked the community to give Officer Burton’s family space during this difficult time.

Any updates on her condition and next steps will come from the Richmond Police Department.