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INDIANAPOLIS — A Martinsville man has pleaded guilty to distributing child pornography and possessing child sex abuse material. He was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.

According to court documents, this is not the first time Adam L. Mahaffey, 39, has been convicted as a child sex offender. In 2012, Mahaffey was convicted of child seduction in Johnson County after reportedly admitting to molesting an underage girl.

A prior booking photo of Adam Mahaffey from 2017

The United States Attorney’s Office Southern District of Indiana stated the most recent investigation into Mahaffey began in January 2021 when an unidentified individual reached out to the FBI Oklahoma City Field Office saying that Mahaffey sent them videos containing child sexual abuse material. According to documents, Maffaffery reportedly sent the material to individuals through an end-to-end encrypted online application called Wickr.

Between Jan. 24, 2021, and April 20, 2021, Mahaffey unknowingly began communicating with an undercover FBI agent on Wickr. During these exchanges, Mahaffey talked at length about his interest in engaging in sex acts with children as young as five.

Court documents revealing these conversations quoted Mahaffey as saying he was even “looking at a friend’s daughter” and that he “hoped to get a photo of her soon.” He later told the undercover agent that his friend’s daughter was 11 years old and lamented the fact that his friend wasn’t involved in the child sex community.

After further conversing with the undercover agent, Mahaffey began to plan a meet-up at a hotel in Martinsville in hopes of having sex with two prepubescent girls. According to the conversations detailed in the court documents, Mahaffey even promised to film his acts with the young girls in order to share them with the undercover agent.

Investigators were able to determine Mahaffey’s identity and tracked him to his home in Martinsville. On April 26, 2021, the FBI executed search warrants on his residence. FBI agents questioned Mahaffey during the search and confronted him about his online conversations with the undercover agent. Mahaffey reportedly admitted to talking about having sex with minors but stated “it was all fantasy.” He went on to admit to sending at least one video of child porn, according to the documents.

Court documents reveal Mahaffey’s phone contained hundreds of images and videos depicting child pornography.

Despite being previously convicted of molesting an underage girl, Mahaffey was not on parole or probation. According to the court documents, Mahaffey was only required to check in with the sheriff’s department once a year.

Mahaffey did not appear in a search of the sex offender registry.