INDIANAPOLISA series of potholes on the northeast side is causing expensive problems for many drivers.

We counted 15 hubcaps scattered beneath the I-69 overpass along 82nd street. It’s riddled with potholes on both sides of the road and costs drivers thousands.

A Sunday afternoon drive for Katelyn Kelly and her family took an unexpected turn when her boyfriend hit a pothole.

“Being a mom and having kids in the car, my heart dropped,” Kelley said.

Kelley’s boyfriend pulled into a nearby parking lot to change the tire.

“Then we hear ‘boom-boom’ again,” Kelley said.

Six drivers hit the same pothole within an hour of Katelyn’s boyfriend. Juan Orrego was one of them.

“This is a real problem,” Orrego said. “I feel like no one is doing anything.”

Orrego didn’t blow just one, but two tires on his Tesla. It had to be towed to a nearby shop. the estimated cost? $500 for each tire.

“I don’t know if it’s the police department that doesn’t have the resources or in this case, the city doesn’t have the resources to fix it,” Orrego said. “All I know is we are paying a lot of money in taxes, a lot of money.”

The city tracks the location of potholes reported that are reported to the Department of Public Works. You can find them all online. When we looked, the map showed several potholes had been reported on 82nd Street at I-69 going back to February 7th.

“I am not okay with how that happened,” Kelley said. “That could have been prevented. Even if they put a cone in the road. It looked like they hadn’t done anything in a long time.”

We reached out to the city for a response. Given it was a holiday, we did not hear back.

Meanwhile, drivers are asking for the city to set up traffic cones or road signs to help drivers avoid costly repairs or something more tragic until repairs can be made