INDIANAPOLIS — Many Indianapolis drivers are expressing frustrations regarding road conditions throughout the city.

That includes part-time Indianapolis resident Linda Upchurch.

“I think when you have to swerve when you are driving to miss potholes, that is pretty dangerous,” Upchurch said.

Upchurch, who spends half of her year in South Carolina, is always frustrated when she returns to the Circle City.

“I just think it makes our state look bad,” she said. “People don’t like driving on bad roads where they have to swerve to miss a pothole.”

Drivers like Upchurch might be happy to learn more money could be coming to help road conditions.

On Tuesday, an Indiana House Committee passed a bill providing an additional $8 million to Indianapolis for its roads each year.

“We have enough need in our county that any bit helps, so we are thankful that the legislature is considering that, and we are hopeful that it continues to move through the process,” said Brandon Herget, the director of the Indianapolis Department of Public Works.

City leaders admit that this is only a fraction of what is needed to fix the billion-dollar problem. Still, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works is going to take what it can get and focus funding on creating safer residential roads.

“We have tried making a new effort in regard to residential infrastructure, so this addition from the state could potentially go a long way,” Herget said.

On top of the potential for additional funding from the state, the city is also dedicating an additional $8-10 million to address poor road conditions — something drivers like Upchurch say is well overdue.

“Potholes are a huge problem,” she said.

There is some good news for road repair efforts this week as it doesn’t look like we’ll have any rain in the forecast, so city leaders are hoping to get some road repairs done over the next few days.