INDIANAPOLIS — A possibly intoxicated woman is in critical condition after being pinned under an IndyGo bus’s tires on the city’s east side, according to police.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that the incident happened around 4:21 p.m. on Monday afternoon near the intersection of Washington Pointe Drive and Washington Street, just a few blocks west of Washington Park East Cemetary.

Police said the 33-year-old woman was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

According to police, the woman was believed to be intoxicated and causing trouble on the IndyGo bus and refusing to get off. The passengers on the bus were then all loaded onto a different bus near Washington Street and Washington Pointe Drive.

Police said the possibly intoxicated woman ran off the bus and attempted to get onto the second bus as it was driving away but wound up somehow falling and becoming pinned under the second bus.

Witnesses told the Indianapolis Fire Department that the woman slipped and fell after bolting off the first bus, with her leg becoming trapped under the second bus’s rear tire.

The IndyGo bus driver stopped immediately, according to IFD, and 911 was called.

The woman was “alert and talking” when firefighters arrived on scene. IFD said it took approximately 30 minutes to remove her from underneath the bus’s tire.

Crews used a combination of cribbing and airbags to lift and stabilize the bus, IFD said.

“Not surprisingly, the IndyGo bus drivers involved were shaken by today’s turn of events,” said Battalion Chief Rita Reith. “In their efforts to eliminate a disruptive environment for their passengers, within company protocols, they unexpectedly found themselves witness to a tragic mistake within a matter of minutes.”

IMPD is investigating the incident.