EDINBURGH, Ind. – Police have arrested two people accused of stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise from the Edinburgh Outlet Mall.

“Generally, we get a few items here and there but this is somebody that made a plan, had a plan, and probably had a list that we didn’t find or at least some ideas of what they needed to get,” said Chief Doyne Little with the Edinburgh Police Department.  

Friday afternoon, Edinburgh Police were called to the outlet mall for a couple of suspected shoplifters. One of the suspects reportedly ran away from mall security. 

Police ended up tracking down and arresting Dayani Penate and Yariel Gabian. Both suspects are from Tennessee.

Detectives allegedly found their van loaded with stolen items such as jeans, bras, shirts and shoes. A total of more than $4,500 in stolen items.  

“A large amount of our thefts that occur down here are from out of state,” Little said. “They will come here and steal and then go back and sell it at a cheaper price.”

Investigators said the two hit a total of four stores. Chief Little showed FOX 59 a surveillance video clip from one of the stores.

In a corner, you can see one of the suspects looking at a pair of pants. Within seconds, she bundles them up and shoves them right into a bag.

“This is not their first time, not with these devices and with this kind of knowledge,” said Chief Little.

Detectives found a magnetic device on the suspects which was used to remove the censors on clothing. Investigators also found a shopping bag lined with foil which is a tactic used to try and hide any other censors and get past alarms.

“The pros are using these,” Little said. “It’s somebody that’s probably worked in retail and knows how to get that off.”

Chief Little is crediting alert employees for this shoplifting bust. He said employees not only got a good description of the suspects, but also gave other stores a heads up about them. The store then passed the case on to the police.

“Let us do our jobs,” Little said. “Police arrest two suspects for stealing $4,5000 in items from outlet mall in Edinburgh Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.”

Nearly all of the stolen merchandise has been returned to the stores. Both suspects are facing felony theft charges.