HAMMOND, Ind. — A Planned Parenthood in northwest Indiana will be the first of several Indiana locations that will begin offering vasectomies.

“We’re thrilled to expand our birth control options for people in Indiana,” said Rebecca Gibron, CEO for Planned Parenthood Great Northwest Hawai‘i, Alaska, Indiana, Kentucky (PPGNHAIK). “In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe, this highly effective method is a great way to take control of family planning and for people to support their partner in a post-Roe world.”

The Hammond Health Center — located at 7131 Indianapolis Blvd — is the first Planned Parenthood location in Indiana to begin offering vasectomy services, but Gibron stated that Planned Parenthood plans to expand these services to three additional Indiana locations throughout 2023.

PPGNHAIK reported seeing a 40 percent increase in vasectomies performed since the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion and stated that Planned Parenthood health centers in Indiana saw a “significant increase” in calls requesting vasectomies.

“The fall of Roe left many concerned for their personal reproductive rights and in some cases, the reproductive rights of their partners,” said Grace Shih, Director of Vasectomy Services at PPGNHAIK. “While that can be a helpless feeling, Planned Parenthood has seen an increasing interest in vasectomies from sperm-producing patients in both an act of protection and an act of love.”

The Hammon Health Center is already accepting patients for vasectomy services.

The three additional Indiana locations that will expand their offerings to include vasectomy services have not yet been announced.