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Airbnb has announced the OMG! Fund of $10 million dollars, created to finance 100 of the most unique properties. The fund will give 100 people $100,000 and the opportunity to create a new listing that will be placed into Airbnb’s OMG! Category listings a.k.a. Airbnb’s collection of one-of-a-kind homes.

One of those opportunities is being given to Hoosier, Kate Emmert. Kate owns “The Grain Bin”, a unique property just 45 minutes north of Fort Wayne.

Kate and her husband first thought of using the Grain Bin property as extra space on their property. After more thought, they decided to turn it into an Airbnb.

The Grain Bin sits on the Emmert’s 2-acre property next to a lake and close to the city of Shipshewana, an Indiana town that is known for its rich Amish heritage and culture.

The Grain Bin is actually made from pieces of a real grain bin, previously owned by Kate’s father-in-law.

“It took about four months from start to finish. We had to take the whole thing down and put it back together,” said Emmert. “My husband would do a lot of the work after his daytime job.”

Kate said the Grain Bin has been close to, if not fully booked up each year since opening in June 2020.

The property holds a rating of 4.95 out of 5 stars on Airbnb’s website.

The Emmert’s have exciting ideas if they are picked as one of the 100 property owners to win the fund, however, could not quite yet reveal their plans.

The first round of winners for the OMG! Fund will be announced at the beginning of August.