CRAWFORD COUNTY, Ind. — When a pet gets on the loose in rural central Indiana, it oftentimes is a cat or dog being sought after by owners. However, Indiana DNR officials found themselves chasing after a different domesticated animal this week: a 27-year-old African tortoise.

The Indiana DNR Division of Law Enforcement posted the tale, which involves Tank the Tortoise, some worried owners and a Conservation Officer named Dennis, Friday morning on Facebook.

According to the post, Tank is a 27-year-old pet African Sulcata tortoise not native to Indiana. He recently moved to Crawford County with his long-time owners.

The State Dept. of Natural Resources said that sometime this week, Tank somehow escaped from the owners’ enclosure and roamed freely throughout the county.

“Tank managed to slip from his yard and decided to explore Crawford County for a bit, until his owners discovered him missing and began a frantic search,” DNR wrote. “Indiana Conservation Officer Dennis Talley was off duty when notified, but responded and called O’Bannon Woods State Park Naturalist Jarrett Manek to assist.”

DNR Law Enforcement said that Tank was eventually found by conservation officials and was taken to the state park’s nature center.

The tortoise’s owners were then notified and able to happily reunite with Tank on Thursday, DNR said.

“Great teamwork in getting Tank back home,” the post concluded.

Photos of Tank and the people involved in his rescue, provided by Indiana DNR Law Enforcement, can be seen above.