CARMEL, Ind. — Some parents in Carmel are searching for a new preschool program to enroll their children in.

On Friday, Saint Peter’s Preschool Program — which operates out of Saint Peter’s United Church of Christ — closed with no notice, forcing parents to find a new school to send their kids to.

Saint Peter’s administrators informed parents the school closure was related to fire damage the church sustained. School officials also initially told parents they would search for a temporary location for the program.

“The director and all the teachers were searching for a temporary location and found one at a different school,” said Meg Kelly, whose son was formerly in Saint Peter’s Pre-K class.

Kelly added program administrators have since blindsided parents and indicated the school will be closing without relocating or reopening.

“The teachers have not been allowed to collect their belongings in the school,” Kelly said.

Another concerned parent, Archana Bailey, said her family is out hundreds of dollars in tuition fees, and they still don’t know when they will get their money back.

“There are multiple families that need to re-enroll their children and put down a deposit,” Bailey said. “They need to put a month down, and their money is tied up with the school.”

Bailey added some parents are fighting to get on waitlists at other preschools. She also thinks Saint Peter’s needs to take steps to make things right.

“Fix what you wronged with the teachers, and apologize to the families,” Bailey said.

Saint Peter’s United Church of Christ confirmed in a statement that refunds will be issued.

“We know there are questions regarding refunds. Refunds will be issued. Our volunteer leaders are working on processing these refunds accurately and expediently. More details regarding refunds will be communicated shortly.”