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INDIANAPOLIS – “OneAmerica Tower. 40 years downtown. So many stories.”

The OneAmerica Tower has shaped Indy’s skyline for four decades. The 38-story building opened to employees on Oct. 14, 1982, although the company traces its roots back to 1877.

The signboards outside the tower usually feature a tongue-in-cheek “dad joke” motto, the current version of which celebrates the milestone in typical fashion.

So many stories, indeed.

The building, constructed from Indiana limestone, serves as the headquarters for OneAmerica’s national life insurance, retirement services and employee benefits businesses. Its floors have welcomed a variety of national and international companies over the years.

Originally known as the AUL Tower, it was Indy’s tallest building until the completion of the Salesforce Tower in 1990.

The building is considered one of the keys to the resurgence of downtown Indianapolis in the 1980s, remaking the city’s skyline. The company said its geothermal system produces the source of water that turned an underdeveloped ditch into the downtown canal.

Here’s to 40 more years—and decades of more stories (and dad jokes).