PENDLETON, Ind. — A New Castle man is being called a hero after jumping into fast-moving waters to save a child who was swept away Saturday afternoon at Falls Park.

Logan Norrod is a Pendleton Correctional Facility officer who was off-duty on Saturday. He said he was enjoying some ice cream with his wife when the couple noticed two kids playing near the fast-moving waters.

“We were getting up to leave and I was like ‘I don’t think I want to yet, like, they’re really close,'” said Logan’s wife, Emily.

Emily said she had a gut feeling something could go wrong, and within seconds, she said that fear came true. The couple said a young boy, approximately eight years old, was suddenly swept away under the bridge.

“There was nobody else around to try and help him and he just kept going ‘I can’t stand up, I can’t stand up, I can’t – can’t get up’,” said Logan. “By that time I tried to reach out for him and he was already over the falls.”

Logan said the boy was swept over the falls and pulled underwater by the strong current. He said the boy temporarily disappeared beneath the water’s surface but would occasionally resurface.

“[The boy] popped back up and I say, ‘Babe, go’ and before I could say ‘go,’ [Logan] was already jumping,” said Emily.

“Really wasn’t thinking to be honest with you,” said Logan. “I was just thinking how to get to him.”

Logan said he felt the strength of the current when he jumped in, but he was able to successfully rescue the boy and bring him to shore.

“I got him on the bank and the first thing I asked was ‘Where’s your parents? We gotta find your parents now’. He said,’I don’t know. I don’t know where they are. I haven’t seen ’em,'” said Logan.

Meanwhile, Emily said she was shouting throughout the park trying to find the boy’s parents. She said when no one responded, she called 911.

“I just think parents need to be closer to their kids,” said Emily.

According to a probably cause affidavit from the Pendleton Police Department, the boy’s father eventually returned to his son after what witnesses described as five to ten minutes. That same police report shows the father could potentially face charges for neglect of a dependent.

“He was frantic, he was screaming, he was exhausted,” said Logan describing his interaction with the child moments after pulling him from the water. “He really couldn’t swim. He was just yelling and he was thanking me when I got to him.”

The couple said it was a fleeting moment that change their lives forever. With summer around the corner, they said they want to warn others of the fast-moving waters, and they want officials to increase safety precautions.

“There’s not enough signs if there is signs,” said Logan. “There’s no precautions.”

“I see anyone in this water after Saturday and I’m nervous,” said Emily. “I can’t stop looking and staring… I just want to go tell them ‘Back up, please, just back up’.”