JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. – Some of the bodies found at an Indiana funeral home had been there since March.

Major Isaac Parker with the Jeffersonville Police Department said the bodies were found throughout the Lankford Funeral Home and Family Center. Some of the 31 bodies were in “advanced” stages of decomposition, Parker said. Investigators also found 16 cremated remains.

The funeral home is located in the 3100 block of Middle Road in Jeffersonville.

“If you walked inside the business itself you would understand this is abnormal for any funeral home I’ve been to,” Parker told WDRB.

Several agencies worked from Friday night into Saturday morning after receiving a tip about an odor coming from the building. Parker said investigators detected a strong odor “consistent with decomposing bodies.”

The Clark County Coroner’s Office took custody of the remains and was using a refrigerated trailer to store them.

“The coroner’s office is working diligently at confirming the identity and making contact with the family so they can receive closure,” Parker said.

WDRB talked to Kandi Rogers, whose son Dominic died on Dec. 11. His service was held at Lankford, and she received cremated remains. She said her son wasn’t cremated for six to seven weeks after the service, with the funeral home providing several excuses.

Rogers wondered if the ashes she received actually belonged to her son and suggested his body may have been among the ones discovered over the weekend.

“We trust these people in the hardest time of our lives, at least for me, and to go and do that to somebody—I would never do that to somebody in life,” Rogers said. “And for them to take advantage of people and especially to treat your loved ones the way that they did, it’s not right.”

Parker said he was confident the coroner’s office will be able to identify all the remains. Investigators have talked to the owner of the funeral home. No charges have been filed, although investigators were in touch with the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office.

Police are asking anyone whose loved one had been cared for by the funeral home to contact the Clark County Coroner’s Office.