Update (11:20 a.m.)

The Noblesville West Middle School shooter has been released to his parents, pending a search by local authorities of the parents’ homes. Officials said the judge in the case recommended he go to a residential care facility, but was denied after officials sent applications to three locations.

Original Story:

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – The Noblesville West Middle School shooter is due back in court Wednesday.

The teen is scheduled for a review hearing at 10:30 a.m. FOX59 and CBS4 aren’t naming him because he is charged as a juvenile.

In 2018, he brought a handgun to Noblesville West Middle School, where he shot a classmate and a teacher who disarmed him. Both survived.

The teen was due to be released back in April. However, new allegations involving battery against an employee at the juvenile facility where he was being held put his release on hold.

In August, a judge ordered the teen to be transferred to the Hamilton County Juvenile Service Center to serve 120 days for the battery count. The judge also decided that, upon release, the teen should go to a residential placement facility instead of being sent home on GPS monitoring.

The Hamilton County Probation Department had recommended home release during an earlier August hearing.

In his Aug. 14 order, Judge Michael A. Casati found the teen continues to be a risk to the community. He wrote that he didn’t find it consistent with the community’s safety and the teen’s best interests for him to be released to his home.

“The Court finds that placement in a secure detention facility and then movement to a residential placement as a transition before reintegration into the home and community is in the juvenile’s best interests and well-being,” the order read.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for June 2, 2024.