INDIANAPOLIS — Authorities are investigating a deadly crash between an Indianapolis Public Schools bus and a motorcycle that happened on Indy’s near southeast side.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the crash happened just before 3 p.m. at the intersection of E. Orange Street and S. Kealing Avenue, which is located in a residential area near S. Sherman Drive and Southeastern Avenue

A representative with the school district said no children were injured in the accident. Less than 10 students were on the bus at the time of the crash and were transported home from either being picked up or transported by another bus.

The driver of the motorcycle was transported from the scene to an area hospital. On Friday night, family of the victim, a man in his 30s, confirmed to CBS4 that he died from his injuries.

Neighbors said they’re devastated by what happened and that many families were outside at the time of the crash.

“We all ran to his aid as soon as it happened. We tried to get the ambulance here as fast as possible,” said Kevin Hargraves, a resident and friend of the victim.

Multiple home surveillance cameras, including doorbell and mounted cameras, caught video of the moments leading up to, during and after the collision.

“It really is frustrating to see somebody there, just clinging on for their life and trying to stand up and gasp for their own breath,” said Samuel Howell, who knows the victim. “It sucks. Nobody should have to go through that at all. No family should.”

“I’ve hung out with him, I grew up with him, we went to school together. Like, it’s a really close friend,” Hargraves shared.

Video shows the rider traveling on S. Kealing Ave. towards the direction of Terrace Avenue. The rider is on a road marked with signs that indicate the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. There are no stop signs in either direction at the intersection on Kealing, but as the bus approached, witnesses said he could be seen trying to bail off his bike to avoid the crash.

In another video angle from a nearby surveillance camera on a home, you can see the bus approaching the intersection with the stop sign on its side. You can see the bus does not come to a complete stop before continuing into the intersection and colliding with the motorcyclist.

Hargraves said, “he had the right of way. There’s no stop sign, and all of the kids was out here playing. They all witnessed it so that’s probably going to leave trauma to them to also, so it’s definitely something that needs to be addressed.”

Neighbors and friends of the victim also said they were worried about children and families, many who were out at the time of the crash, in addition to several students on the bus at the time.

“First of all, it’s the children safety that’s the main concern about everything,” said Hargraves. “Busses, cars, it don’t matter who it is, they do not stop at that stop sign.”

Hargraves has a young daughter who was nearby at the time and said she was shaken up over what happened.

“I can just imagine how the kids on the bus feel,” he added.

“It could’ve been any kid out here that got hit, anybody, it could’ve happened to kids, luckily it didn’t,” said Howell.

Residents told CBS4 they want to see positive change happen in the neighborhood to prevent anything like this from happening again. Many shared, they hope to see more stop signs or even speed bumps, to help slow drivers down.

“There’s at least 50 kids on this one street, so that’s a main concern right there,” said Hargraves.

CBS4 reached out to a spokesperson for IPS and was referred to First Student, the school bus operator for the district. A spokesperson sent a statement to CBS4 Friday evening and reads:

We are assisting all local authorities with their investigation. Our driver has been immediately removed from service as we also conduct our own investigation. Given this is an active investigation, we are unable to comment further.

Jay Brock
First Student spokesperson

No further information has been released as the investigation continues.