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WESTFIELD, Ind. — A new state-of-the-art facility is opening in Grand Park Thursday and it’s perfect for the whole family!

Wright’s 360 is the perfect place to bring your kids if they need to let out some energy! They’re launching different gymnastics programs, ninja, dance and a unique preschool unlike anything else in the state.

Backed by science, the movement-based curriculum primes the brain for learning, improves sensory and motor skills and helps build healthy life skills.

“Each day, they’ll look forward to outdoor play and STEAM in the classroom,” said Casey Wright, CEO of Wright’s 360. “What’s great is they really do learn through movement. I’ve seen this with my own kids and their friends. I think today’s world has left a little bit of a gap in today’s development. Kids don’t move as much as they used to.”

This isn’t the first facility for Wright’s Gymnastics. “We’ve been in the gymnastics business since 1995 and we’ve been adding new facilities ever since.”

Inside the stunning new space, there will be the Kids 360 Early Learning Academy. What makes this pre-school different from anything else in the state is its learning environment designed around the importance of movement.

“We started reading and studying and saw through the research that not only is exercise important, but intentional movement, upside down, all around,” Wright said.

She decided to open an academic preschool centered around movement. “We have this facility that was made for it,” Wright said.

“We brought a team of experts in child development, elementary education, preschool education, and us, experts in fundamental movement and we created this pretty amazing thing we’re excited to launch,” Wright said.

Doctors agree movement is important for developing kids.

“We know that engaging in physical activity when kids are young can actually impact the brain and kids ability to learn because children and actually all of us learn best by experiencing the world through all of our senses,” said Dr. Shannon Dillon, a pediatrician at Riley Children Health.

“The more that kids can get up and move and not just listen to what a teacher is saying, but they can touch and move and explore and feel, you learn so much more about things that way,” Dillion said. “So working on developing your whole body awareness in the beginning really is important to the the skills that are successful later on.”

What’s also really unique is the classrooms expand both outdoors and into the 35,000 square foot indoor gym. Enrollment is now open for fall of 2022. 

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