INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis is continuing to see major improvements to residential streets and sidewalks.

The city is spending millions to make this happen, which includes improving one neighborhood on the city’s near eastside.

“The sidewalks were pretty scary,” said Greg Rink who lives in this area.

Greg Rink has called the Brookside Park neighborhood home on the city’s near east side for years but before the city came to fix these streets and sidewalks, he says it was a mess.

“You know, someone could trip on them if you weren’t watching or paying attention and then you could break your neck,” he said.

But in the last few months, Rink says the city has really stepped up in improving the streets and sidewalks he uses each day.

“This has been a real, real pleasure to see the city, the taxpayers money at work,” Rink said. “It’s been great and I hope the city continues to do this, as you know some streets are in really, really bad condition.”

The city is now dedicating tens of millions of dollars to improve residential streets and sidewalks all across the city, especially in areas that are historically underfunded.

Going forward, this includes neighborhoods downtown, on the north side, the near east side, and others.

“In my memory, and I can’t think of any time before then, of this kind of investment done in residential streets… The streets that people live, work, and see every day of their lives,” said Zach Adamson, Chairman of the Public Works Committee and Council Vice President.

If next year’s budget is approved, that would mean another $25 million dollars will go toward these projects. That would bring the grand total to over $100 million dollars dedicated specifically to residential street and sidewalk improvement projects in the last three years.

“Historically, DPW has targeted thoroughfares because that’s going to see the highest use and so its best use of taxpayer dollars, but we are at a point now, working together, we are able to grow the budget and address neighborhood concerns as well.,” said Brandon Herget, the director of the DPW.

And residents like Greg Rink say he’s excited to see this trend continue.

“By doing some of these small, incremental changes, I think it’s going to turn into big changes down the road,” he said.

Again, more street and sidewalk improvements just like the ones in this neighborhood on the near east side are in the works for other neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis over the next year.