RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ind. — A Monroe Central Jr. Sr. High School cheerleading coach blurred the line between personal and professional when she showed some members of the squad a nude photo of a man and illicit text messages because she thought of the girls more as friends, court documents allege.

Hanna Gilmer, 28, was formally charged on December 14 with several counts of dissemination of material harmful to minors.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation on December 7 after a school resource officer came forward with what as described as a “possible situation” with Gilmer and three 17-year-old female students.

The three teenagers told police Gilmer had created a group text in which she would share details about her relationship with her husband and her boyfriend.

On at least one occasion, all three girls said Gilmer showed them a nude photo of man where his genitalia was clearly visible.

Two of the teens told police they felt cheated out of their high school cheerleading experience, because Gilmer would spend most of their practices talking about her relationships with her husband and boyfriend.

One cheerleader said Gilmer sat her out for one practice and instructed her to read all the message between Gilmer and her boyfriend instead.

“Victim 2 stated that she felt cheated from practice and let the rest of the girls down because she was reading the messages instead of practicing,” stated a probable cause affidavit.

Gilmer reportedly told police she was going through a divorce, and some of the girls on the team had become more of friends in her eyes.

Court documents indicate Gilmer admitted to sharing personal details about her dating life and pending divorce to squad members.

She was formally charged with three counts of dissemination of material harmful to minors.