INDIANAPOLIS – A Michigan man who reportedly fell 30 feet from the upper level of Lucas Oil Stadium during a Motley Crue concert in 2022 has filed a lawsuit against agencies that facilitated the event, including a food service vendor.

The defendant parties included the Capital Improvement Board of Managers, Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority as well as Service America Corporation d/b/a Sodexo Live.

In the complaint brought by Jonathan Bruckbauer, he alleged the venue lacked “sufficiently high railing to prevent the fall” and the fall was due to “excessive service of alcohol by Sodexo Live!”

Bruckbauer and his wife filed the lawsuit in July after the man stated that he “sustained life-altering injuries resulting in pain, suffering and physical and emotional impairment.”

Bruckbauer said because of his injuries, he was not able to work and provide for his wife along with the increased medical expenses upon his family.

Edited photos show man’s fall at Lucas Oil Stadium

In court documents, both agencies and Sodexo denied the claims against them including Bruckbauer’s characterization of the events leading up to the reported fall in 2022.

Sodexo also argued that Bruckbauer may have had a primary role in the incident due to his actions [drinking to intoxication].

Bruckbauer is seeking a jury trial to litigate any potential financial compensation for damages to him and his wife including the reported medical costs that followed the fall.

During the concert, a witness claimed that while sitting down in the second row of section 416 someone fell on top of her boyfriend, according to previous reports. She added that she had to grab him to keep him from falling as well.

“I got him back in our aisle, and that is when I saw the man who was on the ground next to where my bf [boyfriend] was standing,” the woman described.

Indianapolis metro police officers later confirmed that the man was “extremely intoxicated.”

One man stated he saw Bruckbauer walk up the stairs nearby briefly before stumbling and jumping.

Somehow, he added, Bruckbauer went over the glass barrier and fell roughly 30 feet onto the concrete stairs below.

According to another witness, the man was unconscious for “quite some time” and she did not see paramedics perform CPR. She also said it felt like there was a delay in the paramedics arrival.

After the incident, IMPD said Bruckbauer was taken to a local hospital and was expected to survive saying, “while the person is pretty banged up, they will likely be fine.”

The Capital Improvement Board, which operates the stadium, declined interview requests but released a statement:

“Lucas Oil Stadium and our contractors work tirelessly to maintain the highest safety standards and best practices with regard to the physical structure and operations of the stadium, including observation of the NFL’s standards,” a spokesperson said. “Additionally, every person that works or volunteers with Sodexo Live!, our food service provider, must complete rigorous training around service of food and alcohol.”

No further motions have been filed in the civil suit.

This is a developing story.