SPEEDWAY, Ind. — A detailed inspection report was released from the Marion County Public Health Department on exactly where rodent activity was found at the Kroger in Speedway.

The health department found mouse droppings at the shelves with chips, bread, oats, and under the tables of the baked goods, after inspection of the Kroger on 5718 Crawfordsville Rd. location. Droppings were also found in the houseware section, as well as by the walk in cooler and freezer. Further, the chip aisle was also soiled on the bottom throughout.

Aisles 7, 13, and 14 as well as the bakery and deli section must remain closed until approval by the Marion County Public Health Department.

Traps were noticed outside and inside of the building.

The original complaint stated that mice were running through the aisles of the grocery store, and at the self-checkout.

Kroger is looking forward to the opportunity to have another inspection.