President Biden pardoned three people and commuted the sentences of 75 others, including a Louisville man convicted in an Indiana drug case.

In December 2008, Thomas Perkins was sentenced to 20 years in prison plus 10 years of supervised release after being convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The sentence will now expire on Aug. 24, 2022. Perkins will still serve the supervised release component, according to the White House.

He was one of 26 people indicted by a grand jury in 2007 as part of Operation Tombstone, a months-long investigation involving the DEA Evansville Office and the FBI Evansville Safe Streets Task Force.

The investigation focused on two groups involved in drug activity, according to the DEA. Perkins was one of several people charged, with federal prosecutors alleging he was part of a cocaine trafficking operation.

Biden commuted the sentences of Perkins and 74 others in primarily nonviolent, drug-related cases. The president pardoned three people.

The White House also launched a series of workforce development and job training programs to help those currently imprisoned or who are recently released.