INDIANAPOLIS – Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, but some have other things on their mind. 

”People do some crazy things for love,” said local Private Investigator Dorian Bond. 

Infidelity is at the forefront of some people’s minds in the Hoosier State, Bond said. 

“You gotta check and see if you are number one or number two,” said Bond. 

President and CEO of Bond Investigations, Bond was out doing surveillance during his interview with CBS4.

“I’m doing it right now,” he said. “It is just a follow and him from work or follow her from work or at lunchtime and see where they go.” 

Between the holidays and Valentine’s Day, Bond said he sees an uptick in business. 

“We had a case yesterday where we had a lady get off work and she went to a parking lot and sat there for 45 minutes,” Bond said. “She was taking pictures. She was on FaceTime. I saw her pull down her blouse.”

In his 25 years as a private investigator, Bond said he’s found that it all starts with a gut feeling for his clients.

“That is always a big thing when the person hides their phone,” said Bond.

Bond said the holidays can be to blame for the mass onset of infidelity.

“If they are spending a lot of time during the holidays together and they just need some time away,” he said. “And that’s when they are back to work and they see a new person at work or something like that and then valentine’s day comes up and see who is going to get the first set of dates.”

Bond said he has a warning for anyone looking to catch their partner cheating on Valentine’s Day. 

“If you are looking for a private investigator and they say to you ‘I guarantee I will catch them cheating.’ They are just telling you that to get your money,” said Bond. “Don’t expect fast results and don’t trust guarantees.”

Bond also said that people should not trust an investigator who says they can hack into accounts and read texts. He said he recommends hiring someone who has a long history of being a PI.