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KEMPTON, Ind. — A bar for sale in Tipton County may come with some regulars that will stay past last call (and then some).

Between Kokomo and Noblesville, you’ll find the little town of Kempton. In that little town of Kempton, you’ll find the Breeze In. And in the Breeze In, you’ll find some ghosts.

At least that’s what the owners Cayenne Foutch and her sister Tara Fleming say.

The sisters have owned the Breeze In for 22 years and say it’s haunted by at least six spirits.

“They like to play with your hair,” said Foutch.

According to Foutch and Fleming, they’re getting older, so they decided it was time to sell the bar.

That’s how they connected with Fishers commercial real estate broker Abbie Stancato.

“As far as I was [concerned], it was just another bar. I was about 45 minutes into my listing presentation when one of the owners said…’By the way, did you know the bar was haunted?!'”

Stancato says the sisters then pulled out a “one-inch” binder full of photos taken of apparitions inside the bar over the years.

He says in Indiana, people have to disclose whether their home is a “psychological affected property” in a residential sale.

But technically, hauntings do not qualify under the terms for a psychological affected property. Plus, the bar is a commercial property.

He realized there were two ways he could approach the listing.

One was to reveal the rumored haunting after the sale had been made. “Oh by the way, it’s haunted and freak them out?”

The other was to include the bar’s haunted background as part of the listing.

He went with option #2, even doctoring the photos to include cartoonish ghost-like figures featured throughout the bar.

He says the reaction has been great, but he has not received any solid offers so far.

As for the ghosts, Foutch says they are friendly for the most part, even appearing in front of customers at times.

She says several paranormal investigators have visited the Breeze In, and all found some sort of paranormal activity.

Foutch says good luck charging the spooky tenants rent though.

“They charge us rent,” she laughed.

You can see the listing here.