LAWRENCE, Ind. – After six years in office, the mayor of Lawrence, Steve Collier, has announced he will not seek re-election.

We sat down with him to reflect on his time in office to learn his hopes for the future of the growing city.

Mayor Collier told us he’s looking forward to going from 100 miles per hour to 20. His plan is to slow down and step away from the role to spend more time with family.

“I’ve really been very lucky. I’ve had two very rewarding careers and one that was planned and one that was kind of unplanned,” said Collier.

Collier was an educator in Lawrence Township for decades before being elected as mayor. But now it’s time to take a step back and reflect.

“What we have done has become the expectation,” he said.

Collier says more than $400 million has been invested in the city of Lawrence in the last four years. One of the major developments is the city’s new police headquarters. The building is also home to the dispatch center.

“We have what’s now probably a state-of-the-art police station in the city of Lawrence,” said Collier.

In the next 12 months, a new public library will open. The city is in the process of building a brand new Station 38, the busiest fire station in Lawrence. Other projects include renovation of the Civic Plaza, a new hotel and parking garage. Collier told us upcoming projects will put Lawrence on the map.

“What I’m seeing now is [that] a true downtown is being created in Lawrence,” Collier added.

Collier is consulting with mayors from other central Indiana cities that have seen recent economic success.

“Our net asset evaluation for the city of Lawrence went up 18 percent over the last year. That’s huge for us, we haven’t had that for a long time. You see that in Noblesville or Fishers,” he explained. “So what that does for us [is] that allows us to go out if we choose to – we can go out and have the ability to bond for some pretty impressive capital projects.”

Making Lawrence a destination for people to spend an entire day. And Collier is proud to say he’s been a part of just the beginning of this transformation.

“We seem like we’ve kind of grown up and we’re leaving something behind that’s going to be around for quite some time and that I’m really proud of.”

Republican Dave Hofmann, the former Lawrence police chief and now deputy mayor for the city, announced he will run for the open mayor seat next year.

There are also two Democrats, Deb Whitfield, and Shawn Denney.

A reminder for you as we head into this election season. Absentee voting begins on October 12.

The deadline to register to vote is the 11.

Election day is Tuesday, November 8.