UPDATE: Morgantown Council member Courtney Allen confirmed that as of late Monday night, running water had been restored to all of Morgantown.

The town, however, is still under a water boil order. Town officials were out distributing water bottles to residents on Tuesday afternoon.

Original story below.

MORGANTOWN, Ind. — A large water main break is to blame for a Morgan County community being without running water since Christmas Eve.

Residents in Morgantown say it’s been a stressful holiday season after the water main break emptied nearly all of the water out of the small community’s water tower.

“Between cooking, dishes, bathing — like it’s hard to be able to run a shower. Like you can’t run your washer or dryer, you can’t do anything,” said resident Gin Warren.

Warren described the water that comes out of the faucet as a “dark” and “murky” brown.

“You put it in a cup, and it looks grease every time almost,” said Warren. It’s like a Flint, Michigan crisis. If it [Morgantown] was like Carmel, and this was happening — it would be on national news. But this is little old Morgantown.”

Crews have been working to restore water, but it’s been a challenge since much of the town’s infrastructure is old.

“I think personally that it had something to do with the water not building up in the tower,” mused resident Andrew McCloud.

The lack of running water is also hurting businesses like local bar Frenchy’s Pub.

Owners Lilly and Shannon Hall say they had to close because of the water main break.

“Being closed for this many days in a row has been a blow,” said Lilly Hall. She continued, “We lose money every day that we aren’t open. It sucks for everyone involved. It sucks for people working in the cold trying to get this figured out. Just not good all around.”

Gin Warren says the lack of running water is especially worrying for her family.

“I have a baby who is on a feeding tube. I have a baby who needs to have her formula mixed with good water. We need to wash her bottles in good water, so she doesn’t get a bacteria in her stomach, like it’s crazy.”

Officials in Morgantown said they are working on a plan for distributing bottled water. They expect to have an update on the situation Tuesday.