FISHERS, Ind. — More residents are complaining about the lack of trash pickup from Waste Management in Indianapolis.

In the past, residents in Mooresville, Geist, and Avon have sounded off about trash delays with Waste Management or sometimes trash not being picked up at all. Now, families in Fishers are lining up with their complaints.

“We have got trash sitting on the curb waiting for someone to pick it up,” said Dawn Buckthal-Moore, a Fishers resident.

“Our neighborhood had cans full of trash that were not picked up, and we didn’t even know why,” said Katarzyna Stewart, another Fishers resident.

“People on this whole street are just aggravated,” said Kathy Franklin, another Fishers resident. “They come home from work and their trash is still sitting there and we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

These are just a few of many residential complaints about the frustrations of weekly trash pick up in one Fishers neighborhood.

“You are told to put it out and it’s not picked up, but yet we are still paying the bill,” Buckthal-Moore said.

And ever since Waste Management bought Ray’s Trash Service, these complaints have only been growing.

“It makes our neighborhood look bad,” Buckthal-Moore said. “What happens is you drive through our neighborhood and it looks dirty I feel like.”

Residents said the biggest problem is the inconsistency of when their trash will be picked up, meaning bags will stay in front of their homes sometimes for days.

Residents said the transition from Rays to Waste Management only started here this month. 

But the question they still ask every week is, will trash be picked up on Thursdays when it’s supposed to?

“It is very annoying,” Stewart said. “You are waiting for that day to pick up, and you have trash full of stuff and it’s like what’s going on? We’d like to know what day, is there some delay or what is the reason. We would like to know that.”

FOX59/CBS4 reached out to Waste Management regarding these frustrations.

They provided the following statement saying, in part:

“In the limited event that WM does not complete service on the expected service day, WM will service that customer within 24 hours of their scheduled pick-up date.”

The statement went on to say that those with concerns should call customer service.

Going forward the hope from neighbors is there can be clearer communication from Waste Management, and trash pickup day becomes more consistent.

“We just want the trash picked up on Thursday,” Franklin said. “Thursday is our trash day and the trash should be picked up on Thursday. We shouldn’t have to wait until Friday morning.”

“Let’s hope next week they can get on schedule,” Buckthal-Moore said.

If you have a complaint regarding your trash pick up with Waste Management, you can call a customer service representative at 866-707-9018. 

Additionally, Waste Management says there will be a one-day delay next week due to the Memorial Day holiday.