INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Fire Department crews made an unusual acquaintance Thursday during a rescue mission: a 9-year-old pet Schnauzer named Boston.

According to IFD’s Facebook page, firefighters were called around 10:15 a.m. by an Indy man whose dog’s paw had gotten stuck inside the faucet drain of his bathtub.

Upon arrival at the home, the caller told crews that he was giving Boston a bath and letting the dog run his tail under the faucet. Although the activity is a “fun thing Boston likes,” IFD said, the bath took an unfortunate turn for the worse.

The owner described to IFD how Boston’s right foot kicked the bathtub’s drain plug out of the way while bathing, causing his right paw to slip into the drain. Boston’s paw became stuck in the metal sections inside the drain, IFD said, and his owner was unsuccessful in removing it.

When the man called 911, IFD said he told dispatchers that Boston had been stuck inside the tub for a “couple of hours” and requested the fire department.

Photos of the ensuing rescue, provided by IFD, can be seen below:

According to the department, IFD Ladder 55 was sent to the home but they too were unsuccessful in removing Boston’s paw. The crew requested IFD Tactical 43 as well as Indy Animal Care Services for help.

“Within 40 minutes of arrival, Tac 43 was able to safely remove the paw from the drain by gingerly snipping the metal crossmembers inside the drain,” IFD said. “This was not an easy feat, (no pun intended) as the scared pup’s foot took up most of the room in the drain and snips pushed against his already sore paw.”

However, the story ended well for Boston and his owner.

The dog, IFD said, was freed from the drain and subsequently bounced “right back to normal” as if nothing had ever happened. IACS personnel checked and Boston’s paw had no injuries, which IACS made the owner “ecstatic.”