INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Animal Care Services is facing a grim decision. Room in the shelter is running out and if dogs aren’t adopted soon the shelter will be forced to euthanize animals to create space.

“We have no more room, and there are more dogs that need our help,” said IACS Deputy Director Katie Trennepohl.

Trennepohl said the animal shelter has been taking in 45 animals per day on average and is currently unable to schedule any new surrenders for at least six weeks.

These animals being taken to the shelter don’t include animals brought in by the animal control officers, according to Trennepohl.

“If the dogs we currently have aren’t adopted, we will be forced to euthanize for space,” she warned.

IACS is also dealing with dozens of lost pets being brought in and dropped off. Roxie Randall with IACS said warmer weather tends to lead to more pets getting out.

“Those dogs are certainly going to find those holes or weak spots in the fences or maybe they found out this year they can jump the fence so they’re just getting loose,” Randall said.

For folks who think they can no longer afford their pets, Randall recommends the Indy Care Program to help keep families together.

“They can help with some vet bills, they can help with some training, they can also do things as simple as a month or two worth of food or some flea medicine or vaccines,” Randall said.

IACS currently has more than 130 animals available for adoption who are suitable for a variety of homes. IACS also offers a trial adoption program called “Cuddle Before You Commit” which allows people to foster an animal for 14 days.

Walk up adoptions are available at IACS Fridays through Wednesdays 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

All adoptable animals can be found here with pre-adoption questionnaire available on their website.

IACS is located at 2600 S. Harding Street.

Those unable to adopt are asked to help but spreading word on social media and by posting lost animals on Indy Lost Pet Alert instead of bringing them into the crowded shelter.