INDIANAPOLIS — Fall break is here for many families, and Indianapolis International Airport is preparing more travelers to fly in the coming weeks.

Airport officials say many families are taking flight.

“Fall break started earlier for some folks and later for my son, so we missed the rush,” said traveler Alesha Redic.

But for Redic, this is more than just a family trip.

“My son is on fall break, so we chose to go to Atlanta, Georgia, so that he can visit some colleges,” Redic said. “He will be visiting Morehouse and Clark Atlanta University, and we also have family there, my sister and brother-in-law.”

Redic said so far, traveling through the airport has been manageable, but that that may soon change. Indy airport officials said that more than 20,000 passengers will undergo security screening daily over the next 6 days.

“We are up another 30% from last year,” Hayes said. “Which was also a record-breaking year last year.”

Hayes said tickets are expected to increase, and flights will sell out faster as we near the holidays.

“The past travel trends were to book your ticket on certain days or certain times in the evening; that’s all gone away,” Hayes said.

Hayes said now is the time to book your holiday travel.

“Airlines tickets increase on average during this season by about $15 a day,” said Hayes.