INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Zoo’s newest elephant calf has been named after the zoo asked the public for help.

After more than 8,000 votes were tallied, the public decided that the calf’s name should be Jabari, according to a post on the zoo’s Facebook page.

According to previous reports, Indianapolis Zoo officials provided the public with three potential names for the new elephant, which is a little more than one month old, including Jabari, Maji and Zambezi. The public voted online on which name suited the calf the best.

Officials said in the post that the naming contest brought in more than 8,000 votes from people all over the world.

“Thank you for taking part. In Swahili, Jabari means fearless or brave, which is a good description for our curious calf,” the post read. “Be sure to look for Jabari with his mom, Zahara, in our Plains area.”

Zahara gave birth to Jabari on Sept. 4, according to previous reports. Jabari was the first elephant in the world to be born through artificial insemination to a mother who was also born through the same procedure.