INDIANAPOLIS — With the new season of “Good Bones” set to premiere on Aug. 15, co-star Mina Starsiak Hawk announced on her podcast that the show will not return after the new season concludes.

“Good Bones” has aired on HG-TV since March 2016 and followed the Indianapolis-based mother and daughter duo behind the company Two Chicks and a Hammer as they renovated and flipped houses in Indianapolis neighborhoods like Fountain Square, Old Southside and Bates-Hendricks.

On Tuesday, Mina Starsiak Hawk announced that the show wouldn’t continue after the latest season on her “Mina AF” podcast. Starsiak Hawk said it was a “good decision” to end the show and called the move “the right thing.”

“It’s been really hard to do what we’ve all done the last eight seasons. We all just needed to switch it up,” she said.

Starsiak Hawk’s mother and co-star of “Good Bones,” Karen E. Laine, retired from Two Chicks in a Hammer in 2019 but continued to co-star in the HG-TV program.

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, Starsiak Hawk bought out her mother’s interest in the company after her retirement. Starrsiak Hawk said she’s recently had to downsize Two Chicks and a Hammer, however, due to no longer planning projects for the show “Good Bones.”

“It doesn’t require 12 people,” she said on the latest episode of “Mina AF” podcast. “I threw everything against the wall to see what would stick to try to keep the team together. … It’s my responsibility to move to the next chapter in a responsible and respectful way, a caring way. I’ve done that. I feel good about that, but it’s still just really hard.”

Starsiak Hawk opened Two Chicks District Co., a home furnishing store located at 1531 S. East Street, in 2020.