PETERSBURG, Ind. (WEHT) – After a dog groomer was arrested on three charges of animal cruelty, one of the dog owners who took her dog to “Doggie Styles Grooming” Karla Martinez, reflects on what her dog has endured.

Martinez says four dogs with one of them being her Shih Tzu “Bo” who she says is one of the sweetest dogs she’s ever been around.

When Bo came home from from the groomers two weeks ago he was not acting himself. She was unaware of what had transpired at the groomers until an employee who would later quit that day informed her of what happened.

“She’d get him up on the table and she put a noose around his head and she said every time he would do something, she would push him off the table, explained Martinez. “She hung him there and said his tongue was turning purple and his eyes was bulging out and was rolling real bad.”

According to Martinez that wasn’t the only abuse her dog went through.

“Was hitting him in the head with her shears and telling him that he needed to go to heaven,” described Martinez.

Martinez says Chrissy Aufdemorte of Doggie Styles Grooming reached out in the following days saying she did not do what she was accused of but for Martinez her only focus after receiving the news of what Bo had been through was getting her to the veterinarian.

“They did say that he did have a swollen trachea and chest congestion from strangulation,” said Martinez. “So they put him on anti-inflammatory pills.”

Martinez did say due this experience, it has made her not want to drop off and leave any of her animals with groomers without waiting on location with them as well.