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Members of Indiana Task Force 1 will stay in southeastern Kentucky a while longer.

The 59-member team “remains health and in good spirits,” according to Rita Reith, a battalion chief for the Indianapolis Fire Department and media coordinator for the task force.

Indiana Task Force 1 will remain in Kentucky for the time being as they prepare for several inches of additional rainfall. Because of the anticipated weather, the task force has not been cleared to demobilize and return home.

Inclement weather is expected to hit this week. Based on the actual conditions, the group will either resume search-and-rescue operations or return to Indiana.

In the meantime, Reith said the task force is using its time to train, practicing methods such as high- and low-angle rope rescues, top water rescues and wide area searches.

The team announced it would deploy to southeastern Kentucky at the end of July.

The threat of thunderstorms persists in parts of Kentucky through the end of the week. The storms could produce heavy rain and cause further flooding in the region.

More than 35 people have died after parts of Kentucky received more than a foot of rain in the span of a few days. The flooding led to hundreds of rescues.

Kentucky State Police said two people remain missing.

At the height of the storms, thousands of people were without power. Gov. Andy Beshear wrote on Twitter Sunday that there were about 300 outages remaining.

“The devastation is enormous,” Beshear wrote. “We will be there for our Eastern Kentucky neighbors in the weeks, months and years ahead.”