FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A 23-year-old from Fort Wayne was charged Friday after police discovered he turned an AK pistol that his mother gifted him into a machine gun using a 3D printer.

Just before 7:45 p.m. Monday, Fort Wayne Police officers executed a search warrant for illegal gun and drug activity at a house and arrested 23-year-old Jamarri J. Price, according to newly-released court documents.

During a search of Price’s bedroom, officers found a pistol fully loaded with a round in the chamber. In plain view on an open closet shelf, they also found 3D-printed plastic pieces, identified as drop-in auto sears made to fit the pistol and convert it to a machine gun.

Price later told police the pistol was a gift from his mother. He admitted he had the drop-in auto sears and knew their purpose was to convert AR-style semi-automatic rifles to fully-automatic rifles or machine guns, police noted in the documents.

Officers also found Price had a former felony conviction in 2022, resisting law enforcement in a fleeing vehicle.

Allen County prosecutors formally charged Price Friday with a Level 5 felony count of possession of a machine gun and a Level 5 felony count of unlawful carrying of a handgun with a prior felony conviction in the last 15 years.