SULLIVAN, Ind. (WTWO/WAWV) — Local firefighters had the chance to help the community with an unusual problem on Thursday that didn’t involve a fire but did involve a dragon.

According to a post from the Sullivan City Fire Department Facebook page, the emergency services received reports of an animal on the loose near N. State Street. Specifically, reports were coming in about “a reptile running north on state street,” and that “the caller thought it might be venomous.” 

Once firefighters got on the scene, they discovered a bearded dragon, later identified as Hiccup. Hiccup was safely returned home and “the owners were very grateful.” 

The firefighters seemed to enjoy the unique call as the post also read, “We respond to several different types of calls, medical emergencies, fires, car wrecks, trees down etc. However the other day firefighters went to assist city police on an interesting call.”