INDIANAPOLIS — Firefighters responded to IndyGo headquarters after smoke was seen coming from the back of a bus overnight.

Crews were called to an IndyGo garage at 1501 W. Washington Street for a report of a fire. Workers noticed smoke coming from a plugged in battery-operated bus and called 911 after evacuating the building.

The fire was quickly contained, and no one was hurt.

According to IndyGo, the bus was an older model that does not run regular service.

Full statement from IndyGo:

Overnight, IFD responded to a call of a fire in the garage at IndyGo headquarters, at 1501 West Washington St. When they arrived, they found smoke coming out of one of the buses. It is an older bus that does not run regular service. Firefighters quickly brought the situation under control. The building was briefly evacuated as a precaution. No one was injured. An investigation is underway to determine what caused the smoke. Safety is always our top priority and we thank our partners at IFD for their quick response and collaboration to bring this incident to a quick end.