JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — INDOT is almost halfway done with its work on the I-69 Finish Line project. The project stretches from Martinsville to Indianapolis transforming State Road 37 into I-69.

INDOT said the new I-69 will be open to traffic by 2024 and is on schedule right now.

”There is finishing work taking place in Martinsville and then you have varying levels of completion as you head north,” said Natalie Garrett, a spokesperson for INDOT.

The I-69 Finish Line website shows work in Morgan County is almost 80% done.

”It’s mostly finishing work, taking place in Morgan County at this point, so final paving, final striping,” Garrett said.

Traveling north to Johnson County is where drivers will start to see some shifts in the coming weeks. Starting Wednesday, traffic on State Road 37 between Fairview Road and State Road 144 will begin to shift onto the new pavement. 

INDOT said the change will happen over the next month in four phases.

”There will be some lane closures there to get traffic shifted over onto that new pavement so work can continue on the other side of what will be I-69,” Garrett said.

Traffic shifting to new pavement in four mile stretch

The intersection at SR 37 and SR 144 is busy right now. After Labor Day weekend, a new bridge will take SR 144 over SR 37.

“That will remove another stoplight along 37 so traffic will be crossing over I-69 on State road 144 instead of using the existing crossing,” Garrett said.

This is something some people driving in this area have been looking forward to.

”When we get the bridge open, I think it’s going to be a lot better, because it’s going to be a lot smoother,” Wendy Weaver said. Weaver drives near the construction often.

Other drivers have noticed construction changes but not enough to distract from the traffic created.

”It’s moving a little quicker now but it’s terrible really,” said Chad Whipps. Whipps works construction in the area so he’s driving through the construction often.

Work in Marion County has barely begun but Garrett said that will change come 2023.

”Going into 2023 and 2024 the majority of work is going to shift up to 465 adding those lanes, interchange construction where I-69 will meet 465,” Garrett said.

Nearing the halfway point overall and being well over half way in Johnson and Morgan Counties, Garrett hopes drivers see the finish line.

”We hope that people are starting to see the value and the improvements that are being delivered by this project,” Garrett said.

INDOT said construction crews are on schedule to have a all of the mainline of the new I-69 constructed by the end of 2022.

For the full update from INDOT and to sign up for I-69 updates, check out the I-69 Finish Line website.