INDIANAPOLIS – Gov. Eric Holcomb asked the federal government to include nine additional Indiana counties in his request for emergency aid in the wake of the March 31 tornado outbreak.

Holcomb’s initial request included Johnson, Morgan and Sullivan counties. His supplemental request added Allen, Benton, Clinton, Grant, Howard, Lake, Monroe, Owen and White counties.

Holcomb is asking FEMA to declare a major disaster in those areas, which were devastated by tornadoes, strong winds and flooding. The initial request covered only the three original counties because the state had not yet made a “complete accounting” of the impact the severe weather had on many Indiana communities.

Additional information, Holcomb wrote, had been gathered from assessments between April 2 and April 11, leading to his supplemental request on April 14.

The governor wrote that he intended to issue a third executive order declaring a state of emergency in at least one additional county in the coming days. He already made such declarations in Benton, Johnson, Monroe, Morgan, Owen, Sullivan and White counties.