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AVON, Ind. — Hendricks County deputies are trying to identify a man they believe was involved in the attempted confinement of a teenager walking on an Avon trail.

The incident happened on June 18. Deputies say a 17-year-old girl was walking on the B&O Trail just north of the Wynbrooke neighborhood.

Deputies say four men approached her, with one of them showing romantic interest in her. That man continued walking with her before she turned, and tried to go the other way. Deputies believe that is when the man tried to kiss the girl.

She ran, only for him to catch up with her and grab her hand. He tried to get her to return to the trail, but she slipped from his grip and fled. Deputies are asking walkers to only use the trail with a buddy or a group.

“They got markers on the trail, for a ‘You are here,’ type of thing. Every time I walk by them I am like, ‘I hope I never need that,” said Laura Robinson who walks on the B&O Trail a few times a week. “I was surprised, and very disappointed, because you like to think where you live is safe. We all know anything can happen anywhere.”

Deputies are searching for any surveillance footage. If you have cameras, and live along Northern Dancer Drive, please check your footage. You may have caught something between 7 and 9 p.m. Saturday night.