HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. – Hamilton County is growing, and so is the case load at the courthouse.

It’s adding a new Superior Court No. 7 by January 2023 because more people coming to Hamilton County means more people suing each other, more divorces, and more crime.

“The main reason is Hamilton County has been the fastest growing county in the state for several years. The population is growing, and businesses and retail stores are growing a lot faster than the number of courts that have been added,” said current Hamilton County Superior Court No. 4 Judge Rick Campbell.

While current judges like Campbell say they can handle the cases, it’s challenging to do so in a timely matter. This will help speed up the process in the courts.

“We have to serve the public better in handling their cases. That’s a primary reason for it,” said Campbell.

Right now, judges are studying to decide what cases Superior Court No. 7 will handle and that could mean changes in other courts.

The new Superior Court No. 7 is years in the making. Judge Campbell shared that one of the common complaints he hears is that it takes too long for cases to be heard.

“They will be able to get to court sooner and their dispute decided, because they don’t want these cases hanging of their head forever, they want resolution. They want to be able to move on with their lives. So, the more courts we have, the faster we can make a resolution in their cases,” said Judge Campbell, “The attorneys feel the same way, they would like to have their cases decided.”

Before the court is operational, the public does get to have a voice. Once the judges finalize the rules of the new court, they’ll have to publish them. The hope is to have that complete by August 1.

Then the public will have the chance to comment on the proposal.

“The Supreme Court will have to approve the rule of what cases are heard by the new court. However, it was the legislature that passed a law last year to create the court,” said Judge Campbell. “Most counties have elections, there are a few counties in Indiana that have a committee member to make an appointment. In Hamilton County, we still have elections. Like I said, there is a primary election in May, so voters will have a choice.”

There are currently two people running in the May primary election to become Judge for Superior Court No. 7.

We’ll keep you updated on the process.