ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – He claimed he used roughly $1,500 for haircuts, to buy fast food, to make a golf purchase and at a casino.

Another $4,000 went to his mother and his wife.

Now, a former high school basketball coach is facing a felony in connection to stealing his team’s funds and using them for personal use.

Adam C. Gray

Allen County prosecutors last week charged 32-year-old Adam C. Gray with one Level 6 felony count of theft, which can carry a sentence between six months and two-and-a-half years behind bars.

Gray had access to the Heritage High School basketball team’s bank account while he was head coach at the school for five seasons.

Gray is accused of using the account’s one debit card to make various purchases for himself from November 2022 to April 2023, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

An investigator asked Gray if he could account for these purchases, and Gray said in court documents he didn’t know if he could. So, the investigator went through Gray’s bank statements with Gray present, court documents said.

Some of the money went to snacks and fast food, according to court documents. A personal transaction at an Ohio golf course was also made, as well as several transactions that went for haircuts at local barber shops, court documents said.

Gray said in court documents he accidentally used the debit card for a transaction at an automotive shop and that he used the account to give money to another person at a casino with the assumption that person would pay him back.

That person never did, court documents said.

Gray wrote a check for $2,000 that went to his mother for payment for a vacation, according to court documents, and another check for $2,000 to his wife he claimed was for reimbursement for items purchased for the team.

When asked if he had receipts for these items, Gray replied with a simple “no” in court documents. He also admitted he had access to the account beginning in 2018.

This past April, Gray left the Heritage program after he was hired to coach Bluffton High School’s basketball team.

He stepped down roughly two months later and left Bluffton citing personal reasons.

Gray was booked into Allen County Jail shortly after a warrant was filed for his arrest and he has since been released. He is due in court in October.