GREENWOOD, Ind. — In June of last year, the owner of a troubled Greenwood motel complex was given a list of 188 violations that needed to be corrected if he wanted to stay in business.

“He was cited a year and a half ago and probably 99% of what he was cited for he has not done anything to fix,” said Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers, “so I don’t really see him trying to move forward and trying to fix it.”

A return inspection by police, fire, health department and building commission investigators last month noted no improvements so the Red Carpet Inn and Fanta Suites at 1117 East Main Street in Greenwood just off I-65 has been issued an order revoking its certificate of occupancy by Oct. 10.

The City said the owner is appealing.

“Number one, it was rather disgusting,” said Building Commissioner Kenneth Seal who found problems in virtually every one of the motels’ 115 units. “They were either live or evidence of dead insects all over ranging from bed bugs and cockroaches and flies and these types of things.

“A lot of elements that are basic to a room were not functioning, be it plumbing issues, HVAC issues, lighting issues, ventilation issues that were inoperable.”

Seal said many of the units appeared to be inhabited.

“We saw bed bugs, cockroaches, electrical issues, feces on the floor from toilets not working right,” said Myers. “Just unbelievable.”

Myers said Greenwood police, fire and EMS crews are familiar with the site.

“Last year there were well over a hundred calls. This year we’re around sixty-some calls for service. It’s a drain on public safety,” he said. “We’ve had multiple calls for domestic violence, for warrant services, for drug activity.”

This summer a manager was found dead of a drug overdose in her room.

The desk clerk said the owner and the manager were not available for comment today.

Next week, the Plan Commission has scheduled a hearing on the revocation order and could consider the owner’s appeal.