INDIANAPOLIS — Gas prices are back on the rise nationwide with most Americans paying at least 20 cents more at the pump this month.

According to Triple AAA, the nationwide average price for a gallon of gas is $3.65. In the Hoosier state, that number is even higher at $3.72. 

Prices are still under what they were at this time last year with an average of just over $4 per gallon, but that isn’t stopping the frustrations from local residents like Tavon Anderson.

“Gas prices are getting on my nerves,” he said. “To me, it seems like I won’t drive every day if gas goes up that high. Just the commute back and forth to work is almost $80 a week.”

Experts with GasBuddy said there are a few reasons for this increase. 

One has to do with gas stations transitioning from a winter-blend to an environmentally friendly summer-blend gasoline. This is required by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is more expensive.

Another reason has to do with an imbalance between supply and demand.

“The transition to summer gasoline is basically done but it is coming up at the same time when demand continues to go up for gasoline,” Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, said. “Americans are going outside. The weather is terrific and demand pushes gas prices up.”

De Haan said prices are expected to peak between mid-May and mid-June but then will trickle back down. He is hopeful prices won’t get anywhere near the record-breaking ones from last summer. 

“We could get close to or surpass $4.00 per gallon but I’m hopeful if we do, it will likely be temporary,” he said.

If you are looking to save before getting behind the wheel for your next road trip, experts said it’s about what you do in your everyday life that can really help you save.

This includes planning ahead and making a specific budget plan

“If you are a person who hasn’t been doing a lot with coupons and comparison shopping and things like that, just see if there are some of your everyday expenses you can lower and start saving all of those,” said Andy Mattingly, the chief operating officer at Forum Credit Union. “See what you save and transition that into your vacation fund so you can start building up a little bit of money.

Another tip to save big is to shop around. Don’t always stop at the first gas station you see. Many gas stations also offer loyalty programs.

“Every 10 cents make a difference,” Mattingly said.

And for people like Anderson, keeping these money-saving tips in mind can make a big difference next time they’re filling up!