WESTFIELD, Ind. — Westfield firefighters managed to prevent a garage fire from consuming an entire two-story Westfield home on Sunday.

According to the Westfield Fire Department, dispatchers were notified about the fire in the 16000 block of Hush Hickory Bend at approximately 4:30 p.m. on Sunday with fire crews noticing the smoke plume from a distance upon approach.

Not knowing if anyone was inside the home, Westfield Fire Department said firefighters “braved the smoke and searched as far as the conditions allowed, luckily no one was inside.”

While the swift response of fire crews kept the fire contained mostly to the garage and exterior of the home, the fire department said the interior of the home did suffer from smoke damage.

A pickup truck in the driveway also caught fire and was damaged.

Carmel and Noblesville fire departments assisted Westfield in battling the blaze.