FRANKFORT, Ind. — Frankfort police are searching for a man who reportedly kidnapped a 6-year-old girl and took her a block from her home before she was able to escape and run back to her house.

According to the Frankfort Police Department, Clinton County Central Dispatch took the 911 call that led them to the area of East Wabash near Van Buren and East Streets around 11:15 a.m. Thursday.

“A mother had called frantically because her daughter had said she’d been taken by a man outside of their yard,” said FPD Chief of Police, Scott Shoemaker.

“She’d been outside playing; mom was going to come outside with the other child, and when she went outside, her daughter wasn’t there,” said Shoemaker. “She started screaming, yelling for her daughter and a few moments later, her daughter came running, screaming from around the corner.”

Initial investigation leads police to believe the suspect took her by the hand, forcing her to go with him around the corner and away from the home, about one city block before she was able to break free and run from the man.

Shoemaker said officers were able to build a rapport and speak with the young victim to learn additional details, including a vague description of the suspect.

“When the officers interviewed her, obviously she’s 6-years-old. It’s very hard even for adults sometimes to give an eyewitness account they have seen or been a part of,” said Shoemaker. “She provided that the individual was taller than the officer she was talking to and he’s about 6-feet-tall. So, we now know this individual is at least 6-feet-tall, thin build, no facial hair, Black male and was wearing shorts and a T-shirt.”

In addition to speaking with the victim, officers and detectives interviewed multiple people that were in the area, checked every home with an obvious surveillance camera or video doorbell, and said at least one additional person reported seeing a man matching the description of the suspect provided by the child. That person said the man was last seen walking south from Walnut near Van Buren.

“Right now with the information that we have, we really need to build a case, especially with the age of the victim,” said Shoemaker.

Police have released Ring doorbell video which captures a vehicle turning around in the road. Police want to speak with the driver of the vehicle, who at this time, is being referred to as a ‘person of interest.’

“The vehicle, it kind of made a U-turn in the roadway, and it shouldn’t have done that. So, we’re looking for that vehicle now,” said Shoemaker.

Police can’t confidently say the make or model of the vehicle at this time or whether it was a man or woman driving, but they’re hoping by releasing it, someone will come forward with information to help find them.

“We’re just trying to talk to that person. They may not be involved, but maybe they saw something, and that’s what we want to talk to them about,” said Shoemaker.

“It’s an odd situation to just turn around there and then to come back out onto the road, and so, when the doorbell camera stops, we don’t know if the car parked there. We don’t know if that individual got out,” said Shoemaker. “According to the victim, that’s where she was able to get away from, was in that exact intersection, so that kind of makes us wonder maybe that person was taking them to that car we don’t know.”

Anyone who recognizes the vehicle is asked to call (765) 654-6480.

Police stated they have checked homes in the area for surveillance but are asking anyone who lives in a four-block radius of East and Walnut to check any home security footage they may have for recordings of the suspect.

On Thursday, some neighbors were knocking on others’ doors, letting them know what police said had happened. They hoped it would encourage people who weren’t home or weren’t on social media, to take a look at their home surveillance systems and to be on high alert until the suspect is caught.

“This is crazy news, especially to happen next-door to you, it’s really alarming,” said Freddy Bautista. “I have a little one myself and the neighbors’ kids are always out and around playing, so to hear this is actually pretty crazy, especially in your neighborhood.”

Janice Alvarenga agreed and said she’s worried, especially because she has a young brother who is usually outside playing.

“Whenever I heard about it, it was kind of crazy because I haven’t heard anything since we’ve lived here, anything crazy like that at least,” Alvarenga said.

Police are thankful that this wasn’t worse and hope people will come together to help identify the person responsible.

Anyone with information can call Central Dispatch at (765) 654-4431 or dial 911.