Barbeque may be a southern tradition, but one Indiana smokehouse slow-cooks with the best of them.

Big Hoffa’s has claimed the crown of the best Hoosier barbeque spot according to Food Network’s rundown of the 50 best barbeque joints in every state.

Located in Westfield at 800 E. Main Street, Big Hoffa’s is locally owned and operated by Adam Hoffman who outfitted his landlocked smokehouse in pirate decor as an ode to barbeque’s Caribbean origins, the Food Network wrote.

Slow cooking meat to perfection since 2003, Big Hoffa’s doesn’t skimp on putting in the time as Hoffman smokes beef and pork for 25 to 30 hours in a large outdoor smoker that only burns firewood.

“The meat is wonderful on its own, but Hoffman integrates it into culturally influenced dishes based on his travels to more than 40 countries around the globe,” Food Network wrote.

The Food Network highlighted The Buccaneer as a standout, a Big Hoffa fan favorite that tops pulled pork with coleslaw, fries and ranch dressing on a bun slathered with garlic butter.

Check Big Hoffa’s out for yourself and see if you agree with Food Network’s choice of best barbeque in Indiana.