FISHERS, Ind.– The City of Fishers and the Indy Fuel will soon break ground on a new event center and arena. It’s part of a $550 million expansion plan for what’s being called the Fishers District.

“A lot of things are coming to fruition, a lot of hard work and big decisions over the last decade,” said Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness. “Restaurants, entertainment and venues. We’re going to have an epicenter which will be the 7,500 square foot event center that will be home to the Indy fuel, and hopefully a lot of other dynamic events and concerts.”

It’s located just east of I-69 between 106th and 116th Streets– and the Indy Fuel will be the anchor of the event space.

“They will play 36 home games here and hopefully playoffs as well,” said Chairman of the Indy Fuel Jim Hallett.

There will be seats for 7,000 fans, including suits.

“There’s something for everyone is what I like to say,” Hallett said. “Whether it’s toddlers all the way through seniors, we want to serve all residents of fishers as well as residents of the greater Indianapolis area.”

Hallett said there were many reasons they picked Fishers for the new arena.

“Fishers became a real hotspot with the creation of the district, restaurants and bars, facilities, going in over there,” Hallett said.

Hallett hopes the accessibility off of I-69 will get more fans in the door to enjoy Indiana hockey.

“I think our participation will increase,” Hallett said. “There is no question. Fishers is a very vibrant community.”

Outside of the arena — the expansion will include luxury apartments, multi-family homes, and office space. It is part of a broader $1.1 billion economic and entertainment investment by the city.

“All of that is about creating a place that is really dy