INDIANAPOLIS — The grand plan for the redevelopment of the historic Stutz building is beginning to take shape. We now know some of the first tenants joining the landscape of this future district.

Developer SomeraRoad bought the property last year from Turner Woodard. They plan to turn the 400,000 square foot space into a blossoming district and car museum. Amelia’s Bakery joins Cafe Patachou as two local hot spots that will soon become tenants at the Stutz. The Nashville coffee shop Barista Parlor is also signing on. The building itself has become a haven for Indy’s artists in recent years.

“This is going to make a broader destination. Before, the Stutz building was a destination for Stutz artist open houses and specialty nights where they would get huge crowds of people. But, if you went there on a Tuesday, there is not a lot of people,” said Ed Battista, owner of Amelia’s Bakery. “Fully activating this space is going to give the artists that remain in the space the opportunity to have more exposure hopefully.”

Currently the building is three sprawling buildings. SomeraRoad plans to turn it destination district that can attract people from growing residential developments in the area or nearby IU Health facilities.

“In the Stutz location we are working on designing a program for discounts for health care workers and health professionals in the area,” added Battista.

Basel Bataineh, principal at SomeraRoad, gave this statement about the project:

“The goal of this development is to breathe new life into an iconic historic building, while giving it 100 plus years of vibrancy and life. Construction plans address deferred maintenance throughout the historic building, including modernizing the obsolete HVAC system, restoring the façade and replacing the windows. We are very excited to share that four new tenants will be moving into the Stutz. These include local favorites like Cafe Patachou and Amelia’s Bread. At the Stutz, Cafe Patachou will occupy a 3,000-square-foot restaurant space and Amelia’s will occupy 1,800 square feet. The other two announced tenants include Barista Parlor, which will be the first in Indianapolis and planned for 2,600 square feet and VisonLoft Events planned for approximately 7,000 square feet.”

There will also be opportunities for young businesses that are looking for a place to gain exposure without having to set permanent roots. St’artup 317 is an Indy organization that helps to bring business incubator space to the city. They have secured two spaces in the Stutz building.

“The spaces will be move-in ready, and have the fixtures and technology in place to support brands, so they can really focus on growing their business,” detailed Catherine Esselman, project lead at St’artup 317. “We see this as a longer runway, or a little try before you buy, so that you are not overcommitting.”

Esselman says the spaces are aimed at what she calls “makers or designers,” which could be small businesses that create t-shirts, sell clothing, plants, e-commerce, etc.

“This gives a space to hold for historically under represented business owners that otherwise would not have the same opportunity to get in with the market tenants you have already heard about,” said Esselman.

St’artup 317 will begin taking applications around September. Sign up will be on their website.