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PERU, Ind. – The final suspect in a 2018 Miami County murder case learned his sentence this week.

On Thursday, a judge sentenced 28-year-old Joshua Kean to 30 years in the Indiana Department of Correction. He’d pleaded guilty to a felony charge of robbery resulting in serious bodily injury as part of a plea deal. In exchange for his guilty plea, murder and obstruction of justice counts were dismissed.

The sentence included 1,610 days of credit for time served in the Miami County Jail plus another 536 days of good time credit. He’ll spend a little more than 24 years in prison, barring additional good time credit.

Prosecutors said Kean, along with two others, lured 22-year-old Drake Smith to his death in May 2018 in a plan to steal money, drugs, beer and a Bluetooth speaker.

Smith thought Kean, Ethan Cain and Brittany Morris wanted him to join them for a night of partying in the woods. Instead, he was beaten to death with a pipe, his body dumped along the Okie Pinokie Trail. According to court documents, Smith pleaded for his life and told the others to take whatever they wanted.

Mushroom hunters came across his body a few hours later. He’d been severely beaten, according to court documents.

Kean, Cain, Morris and a fourth person spent some of the money they’d taken from Smith in Muncie the next day, investigators said Kean and Cain then planned to disappear. Authorities found them at a campground in southern California about a week after the murder.

Cain pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 55 years in February. A jury convicted Morris on felony charges of aiding, inducing or causing murder and aiding, inducing or causing robbery. She was also convicted on a misdemeanor theft charge. In May, she was sentenced to 48 years in prison, with 2 years suspended to probation. Morris has appealed.